Have you ever wondered how difficult it could be to land a helicopter - Watch this then answer the question below.

Did you notice as soon as he touched down the harpoon that held him on to the the ships deck?

The harpoon attaches the helicopter to the HeliGrid to stop it pitching off the ship.

HeliGrids are very expensive , precise and difficult to make.  They are manufactured from one large plate, that is often on a twelve month plus lead time.  The machining process requires large, capital intensive machines that have to tie up thousands of individual features without an error.  The material cannot be repaired if an error is made, making their manufacture high risk and expensive.

Contemplating this problem through our R&D department we believed that there must be a better way, so the concept of the Modular HelliGrid (MHG) was born.  The concept is simple you make each hole individually.  Minimal material lead time, lower material costs, lower machine capital costs, lower risk.

Components can be held in stock delivering a MHG in weeks not years.  Shipping is easier in crates, and if you damage one in service it is repairable.

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UK Patent Application Number 1900888.7

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