ne components ltd

Our Promise

“When you tell us we are brilliant, we will take it as a strong hint that we need to do better”

Our Vision

“To be Industry Recognised as the Ultimate Supplier of Defence & Nuclear Energy Components and Assemblies, and as a preferred partner for R&D.”

Our Company ethics and values mean we always strive to....

  • Embrace the traits of a nuclear safety culture over and above all competing drivers.
  • Be honest, compassionate and trustworthy, standing by our reputation and integrity.
  • Work as a team to the best of our abilities and expect to be fairly rewarded.
  • Take pride in our work, acting ethically at all times.
  • Demonstrate increasingly higher levels of respect for time, loyalty, resources and property.
  • Continually assess our personal goals and improve our performance.
  • Always be mindful of our absolute commitment to health, safety and environmental issues.

Our Mission

“As a team we will provide exceptional quality and service to our customer base by utilising cutting edge technology and skills”
To read more about our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, please see our Policy Guide.