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Our Services

Masters in industrial manufacturing with 80 years of experience and 10+ awards

Contract Manufacturing

We can facilitate all of your manufacturing needs. With our wealth of contacts we have the capability to create a manufacturing supply chain that will meet all needs.

Design for Efficient Manufacture

We work closely with our clients to ensure that what is designed is fit for manufacture in an efficient manner, very often saving many months in delays and significant sums of money.

Prototype Development

We will work along side your design team to produce prototypes in a cost-effective and controlled environment.

Process Capability Planning

With years of experience on process planning and control within a nuclear culture we will ensure that the routes we create minimise all risks associated with production.

Engineering Consultancy

We are happy to provide both engineering and management consultancy, looking to help you improve your product and business performance, adding value at all times.

Cellular manufacture

The scope of our service ranges from the production of low volume special purpose equipment to long-term manufacture of precision components and assemblies in dedicated production units. We have a long and extremely successful track record of setting up dedicated manufacturing facilities for major customers with contracts of over ten years in duration. This has been achieved through a commitment to our partners and by investing in cellular manufacture to service all the needs of our customers.


Approved welding procedures and the coding of welding engineers to other project-specific standards can also be supplied including carbon steel and most grades of stainless steel including Duplex, Hastelloy and other Nickel alloys.

Core Capabilities

  • 9 axis mill turn
  • Milling up to a 1m3
  • Turning up to 2m long x 700mm dia.
  • Advanced manufacturing inc.
    • rotary 4th axis milling with automatic vice and robot loading/unloading
    • turning with Y axis, driven tooling and auto bar feeder 
  • Fabrication and welding
  • Water Jet Cutting
  • ISO Certified processes and systems
  • Assembly & Test
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Product Development
  • Secure Site

At NEC, we provide exceptional quality and service to our customers by utilising cutting-edge technology and skills