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Working at NEC

by Jacob Mosley, 16-year-old Y11 work experience student from Stocksbridge High School

Matt Keeley from Hathersage, had done a variety of roles in the construction sector before joining NEC in September 2018. He chose this particular job at NEC in Bradwell – Derbyshire as he had a passion for machining and the engineering industry.

He was introduced to NEC through a colleague in the Fire Service and like most of the employees at NEC, Matt started at NEC as an apprentice, completing a Level 2 & 3 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering with AMRC-Training Centre in Rotherham.

After 6 years of experience Matt has explored a range of different occupations within NEC. His day-to-day includes machining, welding, CMM, office duties and sales. Matt is now a board director but will be shortly taking the role of Sales Director.

During his time at NEC Matt has learnt extra skills in the business such as being qualified in nuclear coded welding and gaining experience of CNC programming, 9-axis milling and water jet cutting. This gives him an overview of the business as a whole increasing his span of knowledge.

NEC is a small-scale business with a range of high-tech machinery that is available for the engineers use. The NEC employees are very welcoming and provide support and training on the machines if you pursue an apprenticeship or take up a job role. NEC have just added 2 new machines to the workshop that including a lathe and a robot loading milling machine.

The company provides a uniform including polo shirts and sweatshirts conveying the NEC company logo. The staff who work there are very loyal to the business with some having over 40+ years’ experience, who over time move up the ranks of the company learning every aspect of what the business has to offer. This is what Matt Keeley did as he first started off as machinist but is now board director but will shortly be taking over from the Sales Director on his retirement.

The working hours are on a shift pattern, a 4-day week (39 hour working week over 4 days), with 290 hours holidays inc. bank holidays.

After 1 year of employment at the NEC, you become a beneficiary of the Employee Ownership Trust and get tax free bonuses depending on business performance. This is a perfect opportunity for apprentices and employees as it allows them to earn additional wages throughout their career.

To join NEC in an engineering role you must be apprentice trained and have experience working both lathes and milling machines while also being capable of proving out and editing CNC programmes with also an experience of working on high precision safety critical components in nickel alloy materials. Another important factor is that you have essential personal attributes such as good communication skills, flexible and cooperative attitude combined with a strong work ethic. Also, you should have an attitude to develop and gain new skills while being capable of working using your own initiative and have the ability to work shifts.